In 2016 four classes of different grades are planned. New students would normaly start from the first class, and progress onto subsequent classes based upon their level of knowledge. The progression between classes is based upon knowledge, rather than time, determined by the teachers. However, for those students who have already been to other chinese schools, assessments are made regularly to determine the appropriate classes for their levels. It is very important that students are enrolled to the right class, to provide an adequate level of challenget and build up their confidents in mastering the language.

The first beginner class is tailored for pre-school aged children, starting at four years old who can communicate in english. Students in this classs learn some basic vocabularies, and day-to-day conversations. Some examples are numbers, food, greetings and nusery-rhyme, which form the basis for more complex conversations and sentenses in the next class. Ocassionally, other materials are introduced in the class, such as play dough and origami, to make the subject more interesting and the students engage in group activities.

The other three classes are very similar to the first class, except for the different level of difficulty and different teaching materials involved.